We specialize in setting up a plasma bank on farms.

We keep your production high by using the herd immunity strategy on farms via plasma bank.

Our Analysis

  • We provide for our customers best quick test regarding infections detection.
  • DNA foto to determine your animal gene for a better breeding program as well best feeding program that matches your animal needs.
  • For professionals only you can now remote control your experiment for your research.
  • Primers for detection kits are as well tailor-made to upgrade your test with our 3d Primers.
  • Determine sex in birds.

Dairy cows upgrade programs

  • You can simply modify your own herd to produce certain qualifications regarding production or immune with simple programs that provide you profit on Long term investment besides the elimination of infection disease by providing gene therapy that Improves the immune system of the herd leading to less use of antibiotics and chemicals.
  • Adjust your breed line easily with our tailor-made program.
  • Eliminate cancer from your dairy products by adjusting your breed line
  • Prevent mastitis in your herd by adjusting your breed line.
  • Plasma bank for natural treatment for many of infection disease occur in ur herd for less withdrawal period as well 99% cure rate
  • Produce milk and meat without cancer is our priorities
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Poultry farm industry (Ahmed Mahmoud Saed lab)

  • Gene therapy for your heerd to produce a better quality generation with higher meat production as well egg production.
  • Granted against infections disease
  • Generation with the ability to stand for climate change that affects the industry.
  • Higher quality of meat production without cancer.
  • Less use of antibiotics and chemicals on your heerd.
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Dogs breed line

  • Do you know what is the best food for your pets?
  • It is easy now you can make gene mapping and know what is the best food for your Pet
  • Improve your breed line with gene therapy to produce better quality improvement in color size as well hair formation
  • Produce more intelligent working dogs
  • Cloning program begins from 10000 euro

Horse center

  • Teeth repair and implant for breeding horses as well racehorses to prevent colic problems.
  • Genetic testing and mapping
  • Gene therapy
  • Improve your horses Genetic breeding line

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